Get Rides Faster, Cheaper And Easily


With improved technology and customer service, gone are the days when one had to wait for a long time to hail a taxi. These rides were not just unconfirmed but would also burn a hole in your pocket. Now, with newer technology, companies like Lyft and Uber have brought about a revolution in the taxi industry.

About Lyft and Uber

Both the companies came into existence in the early 2000’s, being one of the biggest competitors for each other they both have similar and some great features that facilitate the users to a great extent. Due to their tremendous potential, both the companies grew by leaps and bounds. And now they are both one of the best ride sharing services in the industry. Of course there are a few other companies that provide similar services, but Lyft and Uber have now carved a niche for themselves. They are synonymous with ease, convenience, efficiency as well as cost effectiveness.

When both the companies provide unparalleled services, having as many apps is hardly possible. And this is where we come into the picture. We provide the app for the perfect rideshare platform where you have a chance to get best of both the companies. We provide services from both Lyft and Uber together in just one app. Not just that, we have a myriad collection of promotional codes and offers from the companies that allow you to save money as you ride. Whether you choose Lyft or Uber is your choice, as we offer you deals from them both.

Promotional offers of Lyft and Uber

When you take advantage of you get a chance to not just enjoy a comfortable ride with Lyft or Uber, but you can do that and save money too. To elaborate this further, suppose you are trying the Lyft or Uber ride for the first time with Rydely, you can actually get this ride for free.

We provide certain promo codes that you simply enter while booking your ride and you are good to go. They both have codes and offers for first time travellers. There are certain lyft coupon code that help you save huge sums of money on your travel, while Lyft also has other promotional offers. Even other than that, both the companies offer certain services better than the other; you can try both the rides and decide which ride you like better than the other.

The relevance of Rideshare

When you are constantly on the go, lack the time to wait for public transport but again do not wish to spend a fortune on the expensive taxi rides, the ride share option is just for you. You can now enjoy the comfort of a Lyft or Uber without really spending as much. Sounds too good to be true? Well it is true. Lyft calls this component as Lyft Line while Uber calls this service Uber Pool. Both have the same aim, and that is to take the traditional carpool to the next level. Research proves that a large chunk of taxi rides have seats that are empty. The Rideshare option explores the potential of these empty seats. As there may be many others who may be headed in the same direction in another empty taxi.

The idea of rideshare has some great advantages, some of them are:

When you share the ride with one or more people headed in the same direction, you not just share the ride but also share the expense of it. Making it a pocket friendly ride. This invariably reduces the amount of air pollution caused because of multiple cars headed in the same direction. The traffic stress of many cars is reduced to just one car.

The gasoline consumption is also reduced, making it an environment friendly option.

Also the driver gets paid per ride and the users get savings per ride, so it is profitable for everyone.

Its best feature is that you can do it just by a few clicks on your mobile app.

Are rideshare options safe?

When you book a rideshare in a particular direction, you get the details of the driver including his license plate, his photo and his name. Also all the drivers of these companies have been checked for criminal records and other details. So, one can ride without any worry.