About Industry


Improving technology has brought the world closer. Our company has attempted to do the same. We provide a comprehensive platform that helps you with the right guide towards ridesharing and how to go about it. It is our aim to provide users with the best services from the leaders in the rideshare industry. Whether you choose Lyft or Uber, we have them both ready for you. Getting a rideshare with Rydely.com is just a matter of a few clicks on your mobile app and a few minutes.

We understand that not everyone is well versed with the new technology of booking different types of cabs. And we know there are many of you who are apprehensive of trying it, and so we have provided a step by step tutorial about how to go about booking a rideshare. This tutorial will help you try to book your first ride and break the ice for you. Once you get the hang of it, Rydely.com will do the rest for you.

While we have the services of both Lyft as well as Uber, we do not specially endorse any particular company. In fact we give you the liberty to choose the ride you like, or the ride that offers a better price. Our benefit lies solely in the promotional codes that we provide you, which help you save bucks on each ride.

We intend to make travelling faster, easier and cost effective for everyone. Our motive behind rideshare is also environmental. As sharing a ride reduces fuel consumption to a great extent. Additionally we like to promote the fact that when four people headed in the same direction travel together, there is just one car on the road instead of four. This obviously reduces the traffic stress as well. And of course you get to travel in a comfortable way without actually spending a fortune. Our website is akin to an unofficial website for both Lyft and Uber where we allow you to choose. We also help you with any assistance with regards to rideshare as well.